Adventure Tourism

Adventure Tourism is a rapidly growing sector in Jordan. The country’s numerous geographical landscapes invite for adventure, physical activities, and extreme sports. Among the activities are horseback riding, desert safaris, hot air balloon rides, rock-climbing, camping, and hiking in nature trails, which can be found across the country and throughout the year, due to the variance in temperature in the different parts of Jordan.

The city of Aqaba, which sits on the northern part of the Red Sea, has many hotels, resorts and centres for water sports. Divers can enjoy the exquisite coral reefs of the Red Sea, as well as the world’s first underwater military museum that features sunken planes, tanks and other military equipment.

The Jordan Trail is a long distance hiking trail of 650 kilometers in 40 days. Hikers can discover the beauty of Jordan, the history and the different civilisations that have left their marks around the country.

Another fascinating adventure is hiking in Wadi Mujib. It is approximately a two hour drive from Amman. Wadi Mujib is a canyon through which the Mujib river flows and pours into the Dead Sea. There are adventure centers on site, offering trails that range in lengths and difficulty, and hikers can enjoy walking through the river canyon, sliding down waterfalls, swimming and abseiling. 

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