Registration of Marriage Incidence of Jordanian Nationals

Required documents:

  1. Completed application form (download the application form below).
  2. The marriage certificate issued by the relevant Singaporean authorities*.
  3. A copy of the Family Booklet of the Jordanian spouse(s)’.
  4. Presentation of the spouses’ valid Jordanian ID cards.

*The marriage certificate is to be certified by Singapore Academy of Law and translated into Arabic before submission to the Embassy for certification.


  • Registration and submission of documents to be done in person by either spouse at the Embassy.
  • A Jordanian marriage certificate can be issued after completing the registration process through the Embassy with the Jordanian Civil Status Department.


  • There are no fees for registering the marriage incidence.
  • Issuance fee for a Jordanian marriage certificate:  SGD 3.50
  • Cash payment only.

Processing Time:

  • Same day.