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Media Links

Jordan TV
Petra News
Al Mamlaka TV
The Jordan Times
Roya News
Al Ra'i
Ad- Dustour
Al Ghad

Other Links

The Centennial of the State of Jordan
The Amman Message
A Common Word
Judicial Council
International Students' Affairs
The Parliament
Royal Jordanian Airlines
Income and Sales Tax Department
Jordan Tourism Board
Jordan Customs
King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau
Integrity and Anti-corruption Commission
Jordan Chamber of Commerce
Petra National Trust
Jordan Investment Commission
Central Bank of Jordan
Jordanian Businessmen Asscociation
Jordan River Foundation
Department of Statistics
The Higher Council for Science and Technology
The National Resources Investment and Development Corporation
Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre
Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation
Amman Chamber of Commerce
Amman Chamber of Industry
Queen Alia International Airport
Jordan Industrial Estates Company
The Jordanian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Royal Scientific Society
Royal Film Cimmission
King Abdullah II Center for Excellence
Jordan Post
Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation
Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority
Amman Stock Exchange
Civil Service Bureau
Securities Depository Center
National Electric Power Company